Looking for the Top things to do in Northern Ireland? Why not Go Further, See More and Feel Awesome with our extensive user friendly Activity provision located in Ireland's newest and most exciting outdoor destination and the Outdoor Capital of Ireland, the Mourne Mountains.

  • Mountain Biking
    Shred some red! Shred some awesome flowing Mountain Bike single track with our fully guided Mountain Biking experiences at Northern...

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  • Hill Walking
    Hill Walking
    Reach your peak! Hill Walking in Northern Ireland... Challenge, explore and achieve... yourself, stunning mountains and endless new summit...

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  • Wet Bouldering
    Wet Bouldering
    Take the plunge! Wet Bouldering in Northern Ireland... Swim, scramble and leap...through rock pools, over boulders and into plunge pools with our...

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  • Open Canoeing
    Catch the flow! Go with the flow and have a relaxing time on the water with our fully guided Open Canoeing experiences on the lakes, rivers and...

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  • Sit on Top Kayaking
    Sit on Top Kayaking
    Make a Splash! Splash out and have a fantastic time on the water with our fully guided Sit on Top Kayaking experiences on the lakes, rivers and...

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  • Coasteering
    Feel the surge! Coasteering in Northern Ireland... Scramble, jump and swim... over rocky shores, off coastal cliffs and through sea caves with our...

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  • Field Archery
    Hit the Target! Load, aim and fire... and make your own Game of Thrones episode with our fully guided Archery experiences in the...

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  • Raft building
    Raft building
    Get afloat... Stay afloat! Whether your looking for a fun activity, or a fantatsic opportunity to build a team, Raft Building really does tick all...

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  • Bushcraft
    What is Bushcraft? Bushcraft is a term used to describe wilderness skills. Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the...

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  • Team Tasks
    What are Team Tasks? Team Tasks can include Physical, Mental and Skill based activities and games. The main focus is to make a team work...

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  • Camping
    What is Camping? Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. There are many different types of Camping including Mobile Camping (Backpackers),...

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  • Electric Mountain Biking
    Get the Buzz!  With our NEW fully guided Electric Mountain Biking experience at Northern Irelands TOP Mountain...

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